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Rehab Practice Management, LLC was founded in 2004 as a complete rehab solution for the communities we serve.  Through predecessor companies, we have been providing rehabilitation services and solutions for more than thirty years.

 What we do:

Rehab Practice Management provides services that are sensitive to the unique local needs of the communities we serve.  We draw on our experience as a national healthcare provider to deliver services designed specifically to meet those local needs.

RPM provides management and staffing services in the following hospital service sites:

                Acute Medical/Surgical Floors

                Outpatient Clinics

                Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities 

                Occupational Health/Industrial Rehab Clinics 


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  Why RPM?
Our focused and specialized clinicians and management team are passionate about rehab.  We are continually developing and improving our processes and protocols using the latest in available  healthcare tools.

Headlines. . .

  06.14.2010 Rehab Practice Management launches Sports Performance Training in association with its North Salinas Physical Therapy clinic (Salinas, CA).  see full press release  

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